March 27, 2011

Of addiction.

Like any mortal being, I have my share of addictions.

Being a woman, I am inherently addicted to chocolate. I hardly find someone of either genders who swears to not like chocolate. That does not mean I haven't come across such non-chocoholics, but that is not what I am blogging about right.
Any person who has been living on chocolates can well describe the effects they are put under on its consumption. The effects include drooling, smiling purposelessly, staring into space and mumbling gobbledegook! But we chocoholics would rather remain in a trance than being stuck in a sad, routine day. I practically live on chocolate. That's my Addiction # 1.

Everybody has their favourites from the film industry. As for me, I drool over certain cinema personalities. Them being, Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp, Rupert Grint and Leonardo diCaprio. I am addicted to them, and I am addicted to their movies. I am not much of a hollywood person, but then Wikipedia and Google give me their filmographies and Youtube provides me with the vids.

I am addicted to books. I boast of a mini-library in my house. I read books of all genres, my first favourite being the Harry Potter series, but more on him later. My favourites - the basic Sidney Sheldons, John Grishams, Chicken Soups and various titles on Indian and World History. I am obsessed with book-stores cos thats where the primary addiction for books start. Half my credit card expenditure is on these darned bookstore chains.(as luck would have it, there's an Odyssey in the immediate neighbourhood. Corporate blood-sucking chains I tell you) Anyway, the addiction continues and my mother is considering sending me to Shopoholics Anonymous (if there exists one)

Apart from the above, I am addicted to Writing, Facebook, my iPhone.

End of part 1.


  1. heyyyyy Talking of reading - i been doing a LOT of reading lately... Lemme tell you what :P i read the following books when i was recovering my accident:
    1. Catch 22
    2. Jane Eyre
    3. The Curious incident of the dog in the night--time (By MArk Haddon)

    And then i got like 5 books more:-

    1. Eat, Pray Love - liz Gilbert (Currently Reading)
    2. We The Living - Ayn Rand
    3. Emma - Austen
    4. Steppenwolf - Herman Hesse (i love this guy!)
    5. 1984 - Orwell

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    I update regularly :)