January 30, 2017

Review | Mamaearth

A couple of weeks before Baby Hashtag was born, my nesting instincts kicked in and I was so insistent to get everything ready for the baby, it drove my mother crazy. One fine day, out of the blue, I realised I had not stocked up on any baby products vis-a-vis cleaning, wiping and bathing needs. It was then I hopped on to amazon and ordered Johnsons baby products. It was only two days into the baby's birth that I was strictly informed by my paediatrician to avoid all Johnsons baby products for they have been known to have toxins and some carcinogenic agents. In my defense, I have grown up with Johnsons baby products and buying those seemed like the natural progression.

Anyhoo, I immediately switched over to Himalaya baby products and let's just say, the experience has been satisfactory. I limit the use of baby products anyway, using only natural oils like coconut oil and mustard oil to use on Baby Hashtag's body and scalp. 

About a month ago, I came across a new range of baby products Mamaearth and luckily enough and I was sent across a few samples of the same a few days later. 

I love the fact that the Mamaearth products are toxinfree and paraben free. They are hypoallergenic and no synthetic fragrances have been added to the products. I am not big on baby products smelling sweet, I am just concerned with how well my baby responds to it. And Baby Hashtag has been using these products for a week now and she loves them. She sleeps a little more soundly after having been massaged with the Mamaearth soothing massage oil and bathing with the Mamaearth body wash. The body lotion is very hydrating and has been working wonders in this chilly Hyderabad winters. I have used the Mamaearth shampoo quite sparingly but I do love that it leaves my baby's hair and scalp moisturised. 

Mamaearth products are certified by MadeSafe for being toxin free. Seeing that not many baby product brands are a total 100% safe, this certification relieves me. Needless to say, I am looking at using these products for a longer time now in the future. 

If you want to know more about the product range, their contents and want to buy them then you can follow this link:

January 18, 2017

Baby Hashtag Speaks | I HATE!

Hello World! Baby Hashtag here.

I am all of 7 weeks now and I implore you to not go by my puny self. I already have a list of things I am not particularly fond of. Can you believe it, I already have a list? Read on.

1. Bath time
I am not anti-clean. I am just anti-water. For now at least. As much as I enjoy being massaged by mommy, when she takes me to bathe and when water touches me, all hell breaks loose. Hey hey, do not peg me for a naughty baby yet, pouring water takes me by surprise and at my age, I hate being surprised. When I transition from these water-thrown-with-a-mug baths to the tiny-tub-baths, I am sure I will love them. Till then, I will go about taking the present baths with all the wailing and crying as I do already.

2. Vaccination
I just had my second set of vaccines administered recently and I can comfortably say that I hate them! Agreed it is important for me and all that. But being poked by needles? Not all that fun you see.

3. Cranky toddlers
I love playing with my 7  year old Golu Maasi. She dances for me, reads to me and keeps me entertained in general. But then there are those cranky toddlers who are downright loud, cranky and irritating. Moreover, they want to touch me and poke me and scream in my ear all the time. Like I am an exhibit. How about I scream twinkle twinkle in your ears kid, how about that! 

4. Dirty clothes
I need to changed three times a day because dirty clothes just ain't me. Even a speck of dirt and I throw a sneezing fit to let mommy know that I need a sparkling new outfit. Understand this! I am photographed pretty much all the time, thanks to the many many mobile phones in the house. And if I am being clicked constantly, I need to look photo-ready all the time. Right? Right! 

5. Soiled Diapers
Go away soiled diapers. After I am done doing my business, I wail and howl and squirm because baby needs a change of diaper. A minute's delay and I take major offence, not looking at mommy at all. Please! I am not a drama queen but PRIORITIES! 

January 5, 2017

Baby Hashtag speaks | My first month

Hello World! 

Life on Earth is fun. Not on vaccination days. But otherwise, it's a fun place and fun time to be alive. It was fun in the first week, napping for 20 hours straight, waking up only to feed and then dwindling back into that merry sleep stupor again. But sleep has gotten a tad more elusive now. My day is now a collage of random naps put together because I am hungrier than usual and sleeping sound for hours at a stretch is now a foreign concept. Nevertheless, the first month has been an adventure.

The first week went by in a haze. We were at the hospital a few days and were back home where we spent the next couple of days getting used to the new setting. Mommy is a bundle of hormones and emotions around this time and I try to make up for the overwhelming feeling she has by being all cute! Papa and the entire family are around a lot as well, trying to sneak in a picture or a video when they can. At the end of 2 weeks, I have learnt to make cute noises and gurgling sounds so now I have everyone at home wound around my finger. Each minute is an anticipatory dance of when I will chime 'ga-ga-goo-goo' next. I experienced my first growth spurt at 3 weeks and I fed round-the-clock for a couple of days. I enjoyed feeling snug and close to mommy the whole time while she got very little sleep. I take a little guilty pleasure in that but I compensated with all the adorable coo-ing and make gurgling noises. 

It has basically been a great ride and we have stepped into the second month feeling pretty proud of ourselves. By the way, I howl throughout the massage and bath sessions every morning, but secretly I love them. The post-bath naps are heavenly! Since it is winter, I am mostly dressed and covered up head-to-toe. I cannot wait for it to be sunny so I can wear them cute strappy frocks! Yay! 

Today, I am successfully past the 5 week mark and I feel nothing short of a celebration coming on. Maybe I'll treat myself to an extra hour of play time. Which only implies, one less hour of nap-time and one less hour of sleep for mommy and everyone else at home. 

See you all next month<3 font="">

Lots of love,
Baby Hashtag