March 9, 2016

#Photostory : A day in the life of Mumma

Celebrating my mother with a series of photographs I clicked of her over the day. She is the woman I look up to because she embodies joy and courage in the face of testing times. Her transformation from being a housewife to a woman who works and handles a business is commendable. Now the eldest member of the family, she guides us like the true matriarch that she is, inspiring us along the way. 

I welcome any feedback you, the viewer, may have.
Happy viewing

An early start to the day

Her constant companion - Suhana
Getting ready for work

At work : A Cafe she runs along with the family

Meeting with relatives and well-wishers

Caught candid

Deep in conversation

Homework follows


  1. Good one! But I think there are many more hats that she dons.... cafe owner, cook, communicator, child-like innocence.

    1. There are more pictures of her I want to share, but that in a separate post. All her happy pictures! :)

  2. Very sweet portrait of your mom! She seems lovely