August 30, 2016

How to draw a simple Mandala



a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

To a lot of doodling and drawing enthusiasts, mandalas are the circular patterns that talk symmetry, beauty and perceiving perfection in the face of some haphazard yet repetitive patterns. My fascination with mandala patterns began when I discovered them in colouring books for adults a couple of years back. The intricacy of the patterns and the way the patterns adapted to colour was what appealed to me more than anything. I then tried to get myself to draw a couple of mandalas when I could. Mind you, they look awfully simple but it is rather tricky to get the symmetry right. 

It was after many unsuccessful attempts, I found a nondescript video on YouTube that showed me this amazingly creative and easy way to draw beautiful mandalas and I would love to share it with you!

Here you go! 

You will need :
1) An OHP marker or a felt tip marker pen. To be able to draw more intricate patterns, you can choose a pen with consistent writing abilities and a fine tip. 
2) An HB pencil
3) Compass from a Geometry set
4) A4 sheet
5) Old newspapers

Tools of the trade

With the centre of the sheet as the reference point, draw circles starting with the smallest inner circle. The circles need not be of the same diametric ratio so you can really not worry about spacing and just draw the circles making sure the centre of your compass is a constant as shown in the picture below.

Drawing the circles with a constant center

Put old newspapers between the sheet you are working on and the surface so that you do not stain it as marker pens tend to bleed. Starting with the innermost circle and moving outwards, fill the circles with simple patterns. 

Start filling in the circles with simple patterns

Do not worry about handling the pen to the paper. Simple repeating patterns like lines, leaves and dots can be used to fill in the spaces. Also remember about not being perfectly in sync. The beauty of a mandala lies in the fact that the completed pattern looks like perfection even if your fillings inside miss a line or a flower.

Close-up to the not-so-perfect pattern filling

If in between, you are missing inspiration and have hit a block, no need to fret at all. Simply fill it in with a solid black colour. The solid black against the white work sheet will create a striking impact. 

Just keep on going! Fill it all in black

You can stretch the mandala as far out as you like it. 
Symmetry in the bigger picture!

And here is one of mine! 

The finished product!

I am no good with the pen and I still managed to make this mandala following some simple tricks! I bet you can too. Next time, I am making one with colours and I will remember to share it too with you guys.

Do try this out and share your completed mandalas with me :)

Until next time!

August 22, 2016


We prize ourselves at being lovers of candid photographs. The beauty of a candid shot is that it is raw in emotion and purely an unadulterated excerpt of a memory. The same does not go for pictures that are posed-for. Photographs of people that are staged, as part of a photo-op or a professional photo shoot or with the plain intent of capturing a certain someone on frame with their knowledge lacks all the incentives that a candid photograph carries with it. Naturally with so much thought and effort being put behind a picture that is posed-for, you would except a smile flashing back at you most times. Right?


Most people do not smile at the camera. And I hate it! To have to initiate a fun jeer in a group or having to coax people into smiling even slightly has turned into quite a task. Unless your photo-op demands you to look deadpan at the camera, I suggest you smile when a camera is pointed at you. Because when you smile, you are telling everyone, who will subsequently look at your picture later, that it took the least effort for you to do so. By flashing your grin, you are conveying a message that you are easy and friendly and not a serial killer in disguise. 

Be like babies. Babies take a second to smile and laugh. And laugh hysterically they will, because all they own is innocence and happiness. Bring that kind of a positive energy to a photograph; For it is a keepsake and not something that will disappear with the blink of an eye. 

Make the most of what little you have left of today and when someone you know asks you for a picture, pose and smile! And while you are at it, smile often. Smile when someone gets up to offer you a seat in the bus. Smile when someone stops the lift when they see you running so that you can get on. Lift your head from your phone and smile at your mum and your dad and tell them you love them. You need not do it all the time, but do it enough. 

And to make your day a little more cheerful, time for some pictures of my favourite Suhana and her happy happy smiles! 

August 4, 2016

What I thought about 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'

Before I start a rant of any kind, I need to come clean about one thing. I am a crazy, obesessed Potterhead. So when it comes to anything Harry Potter, I feel the need to embrace and defend it if need be.

So obviously when the news broke out of a possible eighth instalment of the series, I was over the moon. Ecstatic. And also extremely confused. Confused because Rowling had ended the seventh book with such finality that it seemed almost impossible that anything could ever go wrong again in the Potterverse future.

"The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well."

But leave it to Rowling to weave a story so believable and true to the heart that makes you forget that you are actually reading a play's rehearsal script. 

For many who argue that this book is not written by J.K.Rowling, I hope to clear the air once and for all. She may have not written the play but she did provide the original story that eventually shaped the play as it is now. Give the woman some credit. 

It is only when you read the 'book', you will understand the nuances of each character in detail. They are the magnified, perfect imperfect versions of their old selves from twenty years back. Ron is still the goofy one and Hermione the bossy know-it-all. Ginny is brave and passionate and Harry, burdened and courageous. The introduction of new characters and their traits, especially with Albus and Scorpius is superbly handled. Draco is, well, Draco. We get to find out a lot more about the Dark Lord himself, which made for a very interesting read. 

I would have loved if Hagrid, Neville and Luna made an appearance but since this is a play, the focus on primary characters is understandable. Dumbledore makes feeble but important appearances throughout the book, only to hurl some wisdom and love at the 'Boy Who Lived'. You see Professor McGonagall in her stern element well too late into the book but it is heartening nevertheless. My personal favourite?? Severus Snape! You have got to read the book to really get his footing in the entire Harry Potter series. 

For what it's worth, I loved reading the book/play for it let me live the Potter-world all over again. I was done reading in 6 hours flat and now, I have major withdrawal issues, just as I did when the last Potter book and the last Potter movie released. I really wish they made a movie out of this one too. After 'Fantastic beasts and where to find them', I am somewhat sure they will. That is the hope.

Until then, All is indeed well.

August 3, 2016

#MovieReview: Ghostbusters (2016)

Disclaimer: This is a spoiler-free review of the movie Ghostbusters that released this past week. Spoiler-free, not by choice, but by restraint. There is nothing much I can spill as the writing of the movie is the real ghost that needed some major busting. 

If you stepped into the cinema hall expecting to be blown away, stem your expectations right there. Nip them in the bud. This movie is nothing like its predecessor with the same name. 

There are moments in the movie that make you feel like you could stay on till the end, but for most part, I was inching towards the exit door. And all the harsh things I say, I say for the script alone. The writing and the setting of the movie is so lifeless, I am surprised the actors did not fall asleep during shots. Or maybe they did, we don't know that. 

The casting is spot-on! An all-woman ghostbuster squad is a dream concept and despite the bad reception the movie's trailer received, I was expecting some amazing stuff. Sadly, that did not come. I could not believe my eyes when Thor was wasted away like that. You can call me out for typecasting Chris into a singular role but when you watch the movie (if you do) you will comply by what I say. Melissa McCarthy and Kate McCinnon are great, pulling off a dull story rather splendidly. Leslie Jones as the loud, funny tag-along is bearable too. Kristen Wiig is made to look stone-faced all throughout the movie, except for the times when the ghosts vomit slime on her face.  

My favourite in the movie is Kate McCinnon. It's a shame she stands behind Chris Hemsworth(a horrible miscast) in the movie posters. Kristen Wiig is under utilised, there is hardly any depth in her character. However, that is in no way a reflection on her acting prowess. Obviously. The script failed her! Then there is Bill Murray, along with many other actors who appeared in the earlier Ghostbusters movie, trying to pull a Stan Lee with forgettable cameos.

Rating: 6/10

Watch the movie if you have loved these brilliant actors on Saturday Night Live and would not mind seeing them being wasted away. Also, find it in your heart to get over Chris Hemsworth's dumb blonde moments in the movie. He was just acting. I hope.