March 24, 2015


Love is exhausting. Love is rejeuvenating.
Love is contradictory.
Love is demanding and irrational.
It is about having to let go of a fortune to gain that one person's willing attention.
Love makes. Love breaks.
It is the strongest magnetic pull there is.
It craves attention, it gives attention.
It wants you to be happy.
Love is to keep the significant other happy, at your own expense.
Love is giving up on that last drop of water for them.
Even if its under the parched sun.
Love builds. Love destroys. It is a savage.
It makes one gentler than ever.
Love blinds. It fogs minds.
Love is also clarity.
Love is kind. It is jealous.
Love is lust. Love is a hermit.
It is the devil. And it is the saint.
Love is all.
All is love.