August 22, 2012


Meeting distant relatives and extended families is not just an event, it is an entire hullabaloo in itself, for reasons unimaginable.

The following were overheard at one such get-together, I kid you not ( someone I know was at the receiving end). Reasons what a KANYA, ahem girl, is expected to be when she crosses the catastrophic age of 22.
  1. That you are a girl, now a woman. You have to be married. Becuase 'log kya kahengey?'
  2. That you are old enough to earn in five figures and still haven't made a headway on the career front. 'Ghar pe hi baithi hain'.
  3. That too much academics will take you nowhere. 'Itna padha likha husband kya aasman se tapkega?'
  4. That cooking is ultimately where all your skills converge. 'Pati ke dil ka raasta, uske pet se jaata hain!'
  5. That you have to adore children no matter how uncouth and naughty they be. 'Bacche toh bhagwaan ka roop hote hain!'
  6. That retorting is a sin. 'Zabaan sambhal ke'
  7. That reading shall now confine to magazines about Re-decorating houses, Homemaking, Better parenting and Health/Fitness. 'Apne parivaar ka khayal tum nahi rakhogi toh kya tumhara padosi rakhega?'
  8. That you have to learn to obey. 'Pati jo bhi kahey, sab sahi'
The list is exhaustive but the aunty went on and on about similar things in the half an hour bracket.

In a nutshell, I present you, THE TORTURE unmarried women (like me) endure at family affairs in the hands of bulbuous aunties. 


  1. True ,but u should understand that our parents though they are willing to give us all freedom will act according to the maahole, i mean surroundings and the our culture.

    ""Always take there words positively""

    The fact is, though they are the your best friends there is all ways a generation gap.Our present is much different and its changing very fast . But still my experence says out of 10 we should listen at lest 6 of parents and 4 of our heart(though the saying say always listen to your heart)..Best wishes for your future..

  2. Thank you.

    BUt i did not talk about parents here, its the pesky relatives who make drama out of a salt shaker!