February 20, 2017

Dear Papa

Dear Papa

We have been through this conversation over a 100 times. In my head, of course. A lot of things have happened since the time we last spoke. It was a rough Sunday morning some three years ago when we saw each other last and since then, life has definitely changed. I am now married. Married to the man you approved of. We also have a daughter. You are a Nana now! As much as I would like to believe that the little baby (we call her Baby Hashtag on the internet) looks like you and me, she resembles your son-in-law more. There is a little bit of Mumma's face in her face. So you and me get a rough deal here. But we are a happy bunch now. It was a difficult year when you moved on, but recuperation is happening.

I have moved cities now. Everyone else is in Hyderabad, nandusa chachi golu and mum. Speaking of Golu, she has become the naughtiest version of herself. Nandusa has put on more weight and Soni chachi is still her happy self. They miss you guys a lot. You, Dadosa and Baiji. Dadosa's family is tighter now. Sunita Bua, Lalitsa, Devusa, Jyothidi, Cherry and their families are now bound with affection and understanding. It is something you always wanted and it is exactly that way. 

I have not lost any weight. In my defense, I did shed a few kilos before the shaadi but got it all back thanks to the baby. So, that is one thing that has not changed. Also, what has not changed is my love for you. Everyone misses you, sure. But no one misses you like I do. It is not grief that I feel, it just feels incomplete. I am however very glad that I could spend with you, all that time making fun of others the way we did. It was hilarious. That is what I will remember you by. All the happy pictures and the way we called out to people on our scooter rides. Thank you for making me iron your shirt every morning before school. That is one craft I know and love too much. Laundry. *kidding*

I do not know if I believe in a higher realm. I am a confused person like that. But you are the force I want to believe in. And so, all my prayers usually go out to you. 

We miss you dude. Love you dude. Bye dude. Until next time.

February 14, 2017

Baby Hashtag speaks | My second month

Things around me haven't changed much but I have. I am supposed to, right?

I just moved from my Nani-Maa's home to my own home in Kakinada last week. While I am adjusting to the new living conditions here, I do miss the cosiness of my maternal home in Hyderabad. But here, Papa Hashtag is around more and I love it. 

I am in the third month now and month#2 was a fun ride. I got another one of those wretched vaccinations. In the 6th week to be precise. The doctor did ask Mumma to give me fever medication much in advance so I hardly felt the temperature rise. But the pointy needle hurt so much more than I had signed up for. I am used to yawning, stretching and playing and unknowingly I did stretch the vaccination-administered leg a little too hard. Result? Unknowable pain. What did I do? I cried. It seemed like hours but I heard Mumma tell Nani that it was for a few minutes. Urgh, I don't think I am getting the hang of time anytime soon. 

Which is why nap times have become quite a hassle. While I nap happily and wake up fresh after what seems like hours, Mumma exclaims that I drifted to sleep for 10 minutes only. Honestly, I am exasperated that I cannot talk already and reason with her. So in its place, I choose to be cute and smile into space. Speaking of staring into space, all that staring has got me a new friend. That colourful pointy thing on the ceiling is bae. It goes round and round whenever I look at it and it is just the best. For reasons even I cannot fathom, that thing on the ceiling that everyone calls fan, is my favourite!

To Mumma's happy luck, I sleep better and longer at night, waking up only to feed and drifting off to sleep immediately after. Once in a week, I do stay up after this midnight nursing session and play with everyone before crying my lungs out and falling back to sleep. Hey hey hey I know what you are thinking! If I establish a routine so early in life, where is the fun. There's got to be some unpredictable moments right? 

Oh and did I tell you that I totally rejected the bottle of expressed milk when Mumma offered it to me. She wanted to check if I fed from the bottle directly so she could take a break and let someone else babysit me once in a while. Not so soon Mom, you are not leaving my sight for at least six months now. Even after that, I cannot guarantee you anything (cue evil laughter)

Mumma started wearing me in this ring sling from Soul Slings. It was kinda uncomfortable at first but I love how snug it is now. She also switched from Himalaya to MamaEarth for baby products. To be honest, I don't miss Himalaya at all. Mum did blog about her experience with the MamaEarth products. You can read it here:


Also, I now talk louder. There are variations in my tone so I can express different emotions like happiness, hunger, irritation, anger, pain and mirth. I leave the interpreting to the adults. My job right now is just to be cute. And I think I am getting mighty good at it.

That is all for the second month update. See you soon!

Lots of love,
Baby Hashtag